The New Rs 100 Tablet: Game-Changer in Cancer Prevention



  • Indian researchers developed a cancer tablet named “R+Cu” – ‘resveratrol+copper’ that prevents cancer recurrence with 50% reduced side effects
  • R+Cu works by destroying harmful particles released by dying cancer cells, potentially stopping them from turning healthy cells cancerous
  • The tablet is cost-effective and is in its initial phases, necessitating additional human trials before it can be widely utilized

Cancer therapy encompasses a diverse range of medical interventions designed to treat and manage cancerous growths within the body. From traditional approaches like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to innovative targeted therapies and immunotherapies, the field continually evolves to provide comprehensive and personalized strategies for combating this complex disease.

The Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Mumbai, India, has announced a potentially groundbreaking discovery in cancer treatment. After a decade of research, they have developed a tablet called “R+Cu” – ‘resveratrol and copper’ that claims to offer a two-pronged attack against the disease: preventing recurrence and reducing side effects of traditional therapies (1 Trusted Source
A pro-oxidant combination of resveratrol and copper reduces chemotherapy-related non-haematological toxicities in advanced gastric cancer: results of a prospective open label phase II single-arm study (RESCU III study)

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Understanding the Mechanics of Cancer

The research team, led by Dr. Rajendra Badve, focused on a crucial aspect of cancer progression – the behavior of dying cancer cells. They discovered that these cells, upon dying, release fragments of chromosomes called “cell-free chromatin particles” (cfChPs).

These cfChPs have the potential to travel through the bloodstream and enter healthy cells, turning them cancerous and contributing to metastasis, the spread of cancer.

Did You Know?

The three most commonly occurring cancers in India are those of the breast, uterine cervix, and lip/oral cavity. Together they account for approximately 34% of all cancers and constitute a public health priority in India.


The “Magic of R+Cu”

To address this challenge, the researchers developed R+Cu, a tablet containing resveratrol and copper. When taken orally, R+Cu generates oxygen radicals in the stomach that are absorbed into the bloodstream.

These radicals act as scavengers, destroying the cfChPs before they can reach and harm healthy cells. This, in turn, could potentially prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis.

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Potential Benefits

The claimed benefits of R+Cu are significant. It is believed to:

  • Reduce the risk of cancer recurrence:

    Studies on rats suggest a 30% effectiveness in preventing cancer from recurring for the second time.

  • Minimize side effects of traditional treatments:

    R+Cu is claimed to potentially reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy by 50%. This could significantly improve the quality of life for cancer patients undergoing these often harsh treatments.

  • Affordability:

    At an estimated cost of only ₹100 (around $1.20), R+Cu has the potential to be a highly accessible treatment option for patients in India and other developing countries.

Current Stage and Future Steps

While the initial research is promising, it’s important to note that R+Cu is still in its early stages. The effects on side effects were tested on both rats and humans, but the prevention test was only conducted on rats. Human trials are crucial for confirming the safety and efficacy of R+Cu, and these are expected to take around five years to complete.

In summary, the development of R+Cu signifies a ray of hope in the fight against cancer. If the ongoing human trials prove successful, this affordable and potentially life-saving treatment could revolutionize cancer treatment, offering patients a better chance at recovery and a higher quality of life during their treatment journey.

As the research progresses, the medical community awaits with cautious optimism, hopeful that R+Cu will become a valuable tool in the ongoing battle against this formidable disease.


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